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Development of Automated Delivery System for Citrus Therapeutics

Researching new mechanical techniques to aid the application of liquid materials with curative capability against major citrus diseases


The Latest on Trunk Injection - Citrus Expo 2023

One way to get things or therapies into the tree systemic, deliver them systemically is through trunk injection. With trunk injection we directly deliver therapies into the xylem, or the root of a trunk and we are making use of transpiration because things that are in the xylem can move with the transpiration stream and disperse ... read more ... 





The All In For Citrus Podcast - Episode 60 Aug 2023

On a positive note, Pendergrass spoke about his experience injecting citrus trees with oxytetracycline (OTC) for the first time this season. He treated about half his family’s grove acreage. Pendergrass reported that treated trees look good and seem to be responding well to OTC. Meanwhile, those trees not treated with OTC continue to decline. That makes him believe OTC is having a positive benefit on HLB-infected citrus more...








Trunk Injection for HLB: What You Need to Know

Albrecht shared the following recommendations:

  • Inject after harvest and after the main flowering period to prevent exposure to pollinators.

  • Uptake and distribution of injected materials are driven by transpiration. Therefore, inject when leaves are fully expanded (not during leaf flush) to ensure efficient uptake and distribution of injected materials, and inject during mid- to late morning when trees are actively transpiring. Injections in the afternoon are likely ... read more ...













Albrecht Updates Trunk Injection Research at Citrus Industry Annual Conference

“We found a significant difference in the yield and the differences were not affected by the month when the injections were made (April or June). We had an improvement of yield of 30% to 50% over the control,” Albrecht said ... read more...














Trunk Injection Wounding: What You Need to Know

University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences researchers (UF/IFAS) injected 5-year-old Valencia trees with water or oxytetracycline (OTC) to measure seasonal differences in the rate of uptake, wound closure and internal wound compartmentalization. Wounds closed faster when trees were injected during spring or summer ... read more...














Trunk Injection: Rootstock vs. Scion

In an earlier study on young Valencia trees, the uptake rate of water was faster after injection into the scion than after injection into the rootstock. Recently, UF/IFAS initiated a study with 8-year-old Valencia trees to compare whether injection of OTC into the rootstock or scion is more effective. Also being compared are rootstock effects ... read more ...
















Top 10 Best Practices for Trunk Injection

Replicated field studies have demonstrated positive effects of oxytetracycline administered by trunk injection to manage HLB. In October 2022, a 24(c) special local need label was approved that allows the use of this technology in Florida more ...












Advantages and History of Trunk Injection

Albrecht said da Vinci injected arsenic and other poisonous solutions through bore holes into apple trees to make the fruit poisonous. She did not say why ... read more ...











Trunk Injection for HLB: Pros and Con

According to Albrecht, the OTC injections reduced fruit drop and increased yield significantly. The injections also improved internal and external fruit quality significantly. The effect of fruit production remained in year two without any additional injection ... read more ...

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Citrus Trunk Injection Research Update - Ute Albrecht University of Florida/IFAS

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