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Nicholas Tezna Triana
Agricultural Assistant​

Nico obtained a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology with a Minor in Chemistry from Florida Gulf Coast University in 2021. Nico was exposed to crop care and management from an early age due to growing up around his family's pineapple farm in Colombia, and his mother's career in agriculture & entomology.


His work in the HLB Lab of Citrus Pathology evolved from general greenhouse maintenance and oversight of running experiments, to focusing on sampling and processing of ongoing experiments in the greenhouse and lab, and plant tissue DNA extraction, quantification, and normalization. He also assists in field experiments, field data collection, and chemical applications. Nico is fascinated by this field area and believes there are discoveries yet to be made that will help save the citrus industry.  Some of his studies at FGCU revolved around mycology - which piqued his interest in the topic of using certain fungi to create symbiotic relationships with plants in groves to control or eradicate diseases. 

Nico has enjoyed growing up in Naples area as it allowed him to be close to the ocean while also being surrounded by watersheds, rivers and wetlands, allowing for a multitude of exciting of nature hobbies like kitesurfing, hiking, camping, freediving and photography. 

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