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Ana Redondo
Research Coordinator/Lab Manager

Ana has more than 20 years of experience in horticulture and plant pathology sciences gained from some of the most world-class citrus laboratories around the world, and still enjoys helping to solve the challenges citrus present to the industry today.


In the Citrus Pathology Lab at SWFREC, she is involved in development, assessment, and optimization of therapeutical treatments by using various delivery techniques to control diseases and improve health of citrus trees. Her tasks involve integrated lab, greenhouse, and field work to streamline the development of potential treatments for growers. She first develops test procedures and methods and assesses the potential treatments in lab experiments that involve in vitro assays and use of lab host or small citrus plants. Later, she retests treatments on more vigorous citrus trees in greenhouse and controlled conditions.

Ana enjoys all the outdoor activities Southwest Florida offers including canoeing, hiking, camping; to her, this is the perfect place to live.

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